September 14th, 2020

belgium fries

Это успех -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection proudly announced in a press release on Friday a seizure of 2,000 boxes of “counterfeit” Apple AirPods, said to be worth about $400,000, from a shipment at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York. But the photos in the press release appear to show boxes of OnePlus Buds, the wireless earphones made by smartphone maker OnePlus, and not Apple AirPods as CBP had claimed. According to the press release: “The interception of these counterfeit earbuds is a direct reflection of the vigilance and commitment to mission success by our CBP Officers daily,” said Troy Miller, director of CBP’s New York Field Operations.
belgium fries

По крайней мере, откровенно

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The City of Chicago launched a city-wide effort to recruit and hire contact tracers with about 500 jobs available. The hiring is being done through 31 different community based organizations through a $56 million grant from the federal government. The idea is to create jobs that benefit those communities hit hardest by COVID-19.
Я считаю, надо там же нанять людей, чтобы контактировали между собой, чтобы этим было, кого отслеживать.