January 8th, 2021

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Алиса в зазеркалье

Председатель профсоюза чикагских полицейских возвысил голос в поддержку президента Трампа и его демонстрантов:
Chicago police union boss sympathizes with Trump protesters, rejects comparisons of Capitol riot to BLM
Кажется абсурдным, но обратите внимание на надписи на фотографии по ссылке, и всё станет ясно.
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Если (1) мутировавший вирус более смертелен, чем оригинальный, и если (2) иммунитет от перенесённого оригинального вируса предохраняет от заражения мутировавшим вирусом, то существенная часть смертей, вызванных мутацией вируса - на руках масочников и карантинистов.
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Dear Families,

We are reaching out for your help in preparing your soon-to-be graduate for success after high school. While there are many pathways your child may choose from after high school, if they want to enroll in college next fall, the time to apply is now. Due to the pandemic, we are seeing a significant drop in the number of high school seniors applying to college for the fall, and we need your support in encouraging them to stay the course.

We know that this has been an unusual and challenging school year for your family. However, we do not want COVID-19 to have a negative impact on your child’s future, especially when it comes to college. The current data showing high school seniors pressing pause on their education is troubling, because studies show that a significant number of students who take time off never end up completing their college degrees.
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Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Гитхаб снова доступен в Иране!

github -- Over the course of two years, we were able to demonstrate how developer use of GitHub advances human progress, international communication, and the enduring US foreign policy of promoting free speech and the free flow of information. We are grateful to OFAC for the engagement which has led to this great result for developers. We are in the process of rolling back all restrictions on developers in Iran, and reinstating full access to affected accounts. For developers who have questions or need help with their accounts, please visit our help page.

Когда-нибудь и в Крыму так будет!