March 22nd, 2021

Mr. Twister

Первый раз вижу этот аргумент записанным кем-то ещё

Blackstock@Jalopnik -- The left turn isn’t a difficult one for most drivers. If a human were in charge, we’d likely put the pedal to the metal as soon as there was a break in traffic. But Tesla’s Level 2 driver-assist technology isn’t designed to do that.

Instead, the car just kind of waits in limbo until it deems the moment is right, which it will only do if it decides crossing is safe. So that means it just kind of... takes off. It doesn’t give Cook a warning. It just goes. And as you can see in the clip above, Cook doesn’t always deem it safe to do so, which means he needs to be on high alert to grab the wheel or hit the brakes. It kind of negates the whole purpose of it being a driver assistance program when the driver has to be more alert than normal.
Mr. Twister


philg: Why is it obvious that the coronanxious would prevail in setting government policy? (i.e., could we have predicted Mass Karenhood?) Is it because leaders tend to be old and therefore personally vulnerable? Is it because the restrictions imposed don’t hurt the elite and the elite are indifferent to the suffering imposed on the non-elite?
По-моему, нет, предсказать, что самой свободной страной в мире окажется Швеция, было решительно невозможно. Все перечисленные факторы в ней действуют точно так же, как и везде.
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Гуриева Венедиктову

The Z Man@Takimag -- Way back in the before times, a regular feature of the media was the Kremlinologist, who would be brought in to explain something about the Soviet Union. [...] No doubt the roles are now reversed. The rest of the world is forced to develop experts at analyzing the American regime in order to understand what is going on in Washington and why it is happening. The administrations of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama were like the Brezhnev period of the Soviet Union. The rhetoric changed from one administration to the next, but public policy, especially foreign policy, did not change. Then we get Donald Trump. The logic of the American political class said that a populist firebrand could never win a primary, much less a general election. The system made sure of that after the Perot and Buchanan scares. Trump wins and official Washington has a nervous breakdown trying to expel him from the capital. Eventually they replaced Trump with a dementia patient and the empire no longer makes any sense.
Mr. Twister

Defund the police -- A man whose wife died in the Atlanta-area spa shootings last week told the news website Mundo Hispánico that officers handcuffed him for four hours and treated him like a suspect while refusing to tell him what had happened to his wife.