March 26th, 2021

belgium fries

Like! -- We’ve recently come to learn that my wife’s mother has been telling strangers that her grandson died of COVID. She’s a retired widow who spends a lot of her day arguing in the comment sections of Facebook posts, and when she’s arguing about the severity of COVID, she has repeatedly claimed that it took the life of her grandson—which, as you might expect, tends to shut down the exchange. The first time my wife saw this, she privately messaged her mother about it, who conceded that it was a rash debate tactic and promised not to do it again. However, not only has she continued to make the claim in subsequent arguments, she’s been receiving notes of sympathy from her friends who see the exchanges.

Сколько их таких? Думаю, практически поголовно. Это же те самые люди, которые следят за рекомендациями CDC. Их гуру Фаучи врёт совершенно открыто и официально, только укрепляя с каждым последующим саморазоблачением свой авторитет -- почему же и им не соврать для пользы дела на своём личном уровне? Чуть было не написал "требуйте свидетельств о смерти", но у них ведь и свидетельства о смерти той же природы.
belgium fries

Медицина и здравоохранение (откуда берутся прокуроры) -- Audry Nafziger described herself as one of Tyndall's first victims during a news conference Thursday, saying that she first saw Tyndall in 1990 when she was a young woman and that she had had no previous experience with a gynecologist.
"I thought it was odd, but what did I know?" Nafziger said. "When he took his camera out to take pictures of me and asked me to participate in those photos, well, what did I know? ... I trusted him."
Nafziger, who is now a sex crimes prosecutor, said the incident changed her life entirely, from her lack of trust in male doctors to the way she looked at herself.
belgium fries

Триумфальное шествие феминизма

7news -- Parents of male students are outraged after their sons were forced to stand up at an assembly and apologise to their female classmates. Male students at Brauer College in Warrnambool were purportedly told to apologise to the girls for offensive behaviour on behalf of their gender on Wednesday.

Наверное, думаете, что это в Америке? А вот и неправильно: в Австралии. Там ведь тоже есть русские эмигранты, вот они и клевещут.
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Военно-технологическое обозрение

slashdot -- As first reported by, the F-35 was flying in a training mission at night on March 12 at the Yuman Range Complex in Arizona when it shot itself. This particular F-35 has an externally mounted gatling gun that fires a 25mm armor piercing high explosive round. Sometime during the training, the gun discharged and the round exploded, damaging the underside of the jet.
Хорошо, но мало.