March 30th, 2021

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Легальны ли монастыри при феминизме? -- Ramsey lawyers wouldn't explain in court filings how the company investigated its employees to make sure they were living righteously when asked by O'Connor's attorneys, saying that the request was vague and irrelevant. The company handbook doesn't specifically deem premarital sex a violation of its policies, according to O'Connor's complaint.

Since Tennessee is an at-will employee state, employees can be fired for any reason, or no reason. Ramsey Solutions believes that means the company can fire employees over their sex lives, which are not protected activities, company lawyers argued.

Jennifer Bennett Shinall, a Vanderbilt University law school professor who focuses on discrimination, including the areas of gender and pregnancy, said she's curious how the company investigates its employees' sex lives in a way that isn't biased against women, who, because of their possible ability to get pregnant, can't as easily hide their sex lives.
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Байден выполняет предвыборные обещания

Chicago Tribune -- A Chicago-based marijuana cultivator and dispenser that has rapidly grown into one of the nation’s biggest pot firms is under federal investigation for possible pay-to-play violations during its push for coveted state licenses, sources said. Investigators have been scrutinizing campaign donations and other steps Green Thumb Industries took as it sought to secure growing and distribution licenses in Illinois and several other states, sources told the Chicago Tribune.

Green Thumb Industries stands as one of the behemoths of the nationwide marijuana market, with more than half a billion dollars in total revenues last year and an estimated market capitalization of $5 billion, according to recent financial reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

State records show that during its rise, GTI’s executives and affiliates have spread cash to a number of politicians as well as a political action committee that were instrumental in the marijuana legalization effort. The company also hired a succession of lobbyists and consultants with deep ties to then-House Speaker Michael Madigan, records show.

Green Thumb’s founder and CEO, Ben Kovler, is a private-equity manager whose ancestors started the Jim Beam whiskey empire a century ago.
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Доктора -- CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a new interview that she warned — and terrified — Americans of “impending doom” amid an uptick in COVID-19 cases because she “just can’t face another surge.”
Выколи себе глаза, лживая сука.
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Популярный блоггер morfizm вошел в топ журнала ("Свобода слова"), и там среди каментов вспомнилось про эту ситуацию: "Lawmakers in Washington, most of them Republicans, called Friday for the Justice Department to take legal action against Netflix for streaming the highly controversial film “Cuties" -- claiming the comedy-drama sexualizes young children and "serves as fodder for pedophiles."

Это такой прекрасный союз Государственного Комитета по кинематографии и студенческого движения Талибан, что я прямо не могу! Исламизация пришла, откуда не ждали.