April 5th, 2021

Mr. Twister


axios.com -- Janet Yellen will use her first major address as Treasury secretary to argue for a global minimum corporate tax rate, Axios has learned, as she makes the case for President Biden’s plan to raise U.S. corporate taxes to fund his $2 trillion+ infrastructure plan. Why it matters: Convincing other countries to impose a global minimum tax would reduce the likelihood of companies relocating offshore, as Biden seeks to increase the corporate rate from 21% to 28%.
Кто не согласится - помочь установить демократию.
Mr. Twister

Вакцинация работает ничуть не хуже масок и локдауна

Из музыкальной школы сообщают. I hope that you enjoyed a restful spring break. As you have likely seen on local and national news over the past few weeks, COVID numbers are steadily increasing and I am writing today with an update on Merit’s response through the end of the academic year. Merit’s current policies state that all eight quadrants of the IDPH metrics must fall within the “moderate” to “minimal” risk categories in both the City of Chicago and suburban Cook County for us to remain open for in-person instruction. Unfortunately, the most recent metric report published on 4/2 indicated that four out of the eight quadrants have fallen back into the “substantial” (or highest-risk) category. After careful consideration by Merit administration, and in keeping the health and safety of our families, faculty, and staff the highest priority, we have determined that Conservatory in-person activity will revert to virtual instruction through the end the academic year.