April 11th, 2021

Mr. Twister

Эпидемиологи продолжают копать себе яму

В чем, по-вашему, может заключаться самый плохой сценарий с точки зрения вакцинации?

A model from the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation’s (IHME) predicts about 618,523 people will have died from coronavirus in the US by August 1. If 95% of the US population wore masks, the projection drops to 604,413 deaths. In the worst-case scenario, in which fully vaccinated people return to pre-pandemic levels of mobility, the prediction grows to 697,573, the IHME forecasted.
Mr. Twister

Хорошие новости и продуктивный вопрос

cleveland.com -- Why are many Ohioans resistant to getting vaccinated - and what could or should be done about it?

Там же среди ответов уже есть много правильного.

Mary Cay Doherty, editorial board member: First, there are no long-term safety data for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines like the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines. That made my own decision to get the vaccine difficult. Second, let’s end pandemic bullying, shaming, and hyperbole. Recognize legitimate concerns and differing views. Respect each person’s right to decide for themselves. Vaccines aside, pandemics end. This one will, too.
Только давайте не просто let's end, а еще избавимся от людей на официальных должностях в здравоохранении, которые допускали такое поведение.