April 21st, 2021

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Физика курильщика

Если дуть на себя феном данной мощности, держа его на данном расстоянии от тела, чувствуешь приятное тепло. Но если струя воздуха из фена попадает на серебряную цепочку, та немедленно разогревается до огромных температур и обжигает шею. Хорошо ли это?
Mr. Twister

Абсолютно точно

philg: I wonder if the long-term consequences of conviction will be negative for Americans who interact with the police. Once this one bad apple is locked away, nobody will be motivated to consider whether police should be unionized and therefore effectively immune from the consequences of any misconduct short of appearing to kill someone in custody on a video recording.
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Сакраменто - край богатый

CNN -- All homeless people living on Los Angeles' Skid Row must be offered housing by October 18, a federal judge ordered Tuesday. The order comes in response to a federal lawsuit filed last year by several citizens, business owners, and community leaders who argue officials have failed to address the homeless crisis in Los Angeles, as tents line full city blocks and makeshift shelters cramp under street overpasses.