June 2nd, 2021

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Приключения Гуриева и Венедиктова в АМА

jama-bauchner-racism.html -- Following an outcry over comments about racism made by an editor at JAMA, the influential medical journal, the top editor, Dr. Howard Bauchner, will step down from his post effective June 30. “I remain profoundly disappointed in myself for the lapses that led to the publishing of the tweet and podcast,” Dr. Bauchner said in a statement. “Although I did not write or even see the tweet, or create the podcast, as editor in chief, I am ultimately responsible for them.”
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Frank@Guardian мучительно прекрасен

Thomas Frank@theguardian.com -- It made perfect sense to us that Donald Trump, a politician we despised, could not grasp the situation, that he suggested people inject bleach, and that he was personally responsible for more than one super-spreading event. Reality itself punished leaders like him who refused to bow to expertise. The prestige news media even figured out a way to blame the worst death tolls on a system of organized ignorance they called “populism.”

But these days the consensus doesn’t consense quite as well as it used to. Now the media is filled with disturbing stories suggesting that Covid might have come — not from “populism” at all, but from a laboratory screw-up in Wuhan, China. You can feel the moral convulsions beginning as the question sets in: What if science itself is in some way culpable for all this?

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Новости экономики

«Союзмультфильм» продолжает переговоры с японской компанией по поводу возврата международных прав на использование образа Чебурашки. Об этом в кулуарах Петербургского международного экономического форума (ПМЭФ) сообщила председатель правления студии Юлиана Слащева.
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ipavlova -- Ошибка антипутински настроенных эмигрантов, живущих в настоящее время на Западе, состоит в том, что они категорически отказываются признавать фундаментальный факт, а именно, что это не Россия находится в упадке (in decline), а Запад.