June 5th, 2021

Mr. Twister

Как это было

Слабоумный Майкл Льюис (Liar's Pocker) доксит литературных негров, писавших карантинные рекомендации CDC-WIV.
medscape.com -- I was surprised that it was the Bush administration that wanted a pandemic preparatory plan and Bush brings in Rajeev Venkayya. Then Venkayya brings in the two doctors you just mentioned, Richard Hatchett and Carter Mecher. Carter is known as Rain Man because he's all about the data. Rajeev writes the pandemic plan; he ghostwrites it for the CDC in 6 hours. And Carter ghostwrites the CDC social distancing plan. [...] And the punch line to it all is, Laura Glass doesn't win the science fair (#women_in_stem).