June 11th, 2021

Mr. Twister


tmz.com -- Sen. Elizabeth Warren is going scorched earth over Jeff Bezos leaving Earth -- she's pissed about his trip to space, and says everyone who pays their taxes should be too.
Не вижу тут никакой разницы с Гагариным или Армстронгом, но вообще согласен, конечно.
Mr. Twister

Chloé Zhao, Nomadland (2020)

Удивительное попурри. Первая новелла "Астенического синдрома" с милиционершей из "Фарго" и тарелками из "Фаворитов Луны", но всё это по сценарию "Nickel and Dimed". Пока я сфокусировал взгляд и понял, куда смотреть, успело кончится. ОК, один раз посмотреть можно.

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cbsnews.com -- More people worldwide have died of COVID-19 so far this year than during all of last year, according to data tallied by Johns Hopkins University.
Под воздействием экспоненты так и должно быть.
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Кому чёрно-белую плёнку крупнее 4x5?

HARMAN Technology Ltd. (ILFORD PHOTO) is “the home of Black & White film photography”. Their ULF program allows Ultra Large Format photographers the opportunity to order large or special sizes of ILFORD sheet and roll films, without (most of) the constraints of the usual minimum order quantity.
Order NOW through August 13, 2021
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Победа Гуриева и Венедиктова оказалась неокончательной и не повсеместной

NPR (сообщает с видимым сожалением) -- A new federal program created by the Biden administration to reverse years of economic discrimination against U.S. farmers of color has ground to a halt. On Thursday, a federal judge in Wisconsin ordered the U.S. Department of Agriculture to stop forgiving loans on the basis of race under a novel effort included in the American Rescue Plan relief package.
"The government has created a program that distributes government benefits based solely on the race of the farmer, and Supreme Court precedent is very clear the government can't do that without a very good reason," Luke Berg, deputy counsel with the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, told NPR.
Dore: Ogre


Далеко простираются лапы коварного Путина! Удастся ли ему вбить клин между США и Великобританией на этот раз?