July 12th, 2021

Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Atom Egoyan "The Captive" (2014)

Justin Chang from Variety described it as "a ludicrous abduction thriller that finds a once-great filmmaker slipping into previously un-entered realms of self-parody". Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian commented, "it looks worryingly as if Egoyan has taken a serious issue and burdened it to breaking point and beyond with his own indulgent, naïve and exploitative fantasies." Определённо! За то и ценим.


belgium fries

Гуриев и Венедиктов в Канаде (увозите детей)

thepostmillenial.com -- The 2021 grade 9 curriculum for Ontario's math program depicts math as a subjective method that normalizes racism and reinforces "Eurocentric mathematical knowledge."
The curriculum, which can be found on the Ontario government's website, states: “Mathematics is often positioned as an objective and pure discipline. However, the content and the context in which it is taught, the mathematicians who are celebrated, and the importance that is placed upon mathematics by society are subjective.”
It continues: "Mathematics has been used to normalize racism and marginalization of non-Eurocentric mathematical knowledges, and a decolonial, anti-racist approach to mathematics education makes visible its historical roots and social constructions.”

Dore: Ogre


С точки зрения пищевой ценности, полной противоположностью нутрии является неясыть.