July 16th, 2021

Жаба В.Фалилеев (илл. к Саше Черному

Atom Egoyan "Remember" (2015)

Тяжёлая картина! Mother Night пополам с прологом Rainbow's End. The director claimed to find August's story unconventional and a "high-risk venture". Всё понравилось, но особенно удачно показано собаководство.

Mr. Twister

Новый Скотт Готтлиб

Это тот самый бывший комиссар FDA, единственный небезумный человек в мейнстриме. Я за его мнением слежу после
The CIA May Be More Useful Than the CDC in Next Epidemic

Новые тезисы: Some portion of the U.S. population will get booster shots
1. “I think the bottom line is that we’re going to be boosting some portion of the population,” Gottlieb told CNBC’s “The News with Shepard Smith.” “I think considering boosters, especially in the older, more vulnerable population, is something that we are going to have to do.”
2. Host Shepard Smith also asked Gottlieb about reimposing mask mandates across the nation as a result of the highly transmissible delta variant.
“I think individuals in these hot spots around the country who are vulnerable, are going to have to take measures into their own hands and take precautions if they think that they’re at risk, because a lot of spread is happening in states that have already affirmed they’re not going back to mandates,” Gottlieb said.

Mr. Twister

Гражданин и закон

dailymail.co.uk -- England and Wales are set to make virginity testing a criminal offence as campaigners warn the unscientific practice leaves women and girls at risk of so-called 'honour' killings. With the backing of the Department of Health and Social Care, the proposals have now been introduced into the Health and Care Bill.
Under the bill, anyone found to have carried out the procedure would be breaking the law.
'Virginity tests and hymen repair surgeries are being conducted by doctors to check or 'restore' the virginity of girls and women, often prior to marriage,' Holden said.
'These practices are not founded in science, are abusive and perpetuate dangerous myths'.
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Фокс ньюз возмущается

А между тем, пример разумного поведения: Missouri Rep. Cori Bush spent nearly $70,000 on private security over the past three months as she advocated for defunding the police, campaign filings show.
Все и должны так делать. Никакого смысла в заведомо безнадёжных попытках строить работающую полицию нет.
Dore: Ogre

Успехи инклюзивности

gazeta.ru -- Консорциум Unicode представил новые эмодзи, которые появятся в этом году. Самый необычный эмодзи — беременный мужчина с усами. Еще были добавлены эмодзи с рукопожатиями людей с разным цветом кожи и несколько новых жестов.