July 23rd, 2021

Mr. Twister

Интернациональный долг

(CNN) -- The US military carried out two strikes against the Taliban overnight in support of Afghan forces in the Kandahar province, multiple defense officials said, targeting captured equipment.
Это даже интересно: война просрана совершенно официально, но бомбардировки продолжаются, чтобы что?
Mr. Twister

В Израиле есть не только карантин и маски

appleinsider.com -- The CEO of NSO Group, whose spyware tools have reportedly been used to target journalists and activists, says that people who aren't criminals shouldn't be afraid of being surveilled. "The people that are not criminals, not the Bin Ladens of the world— there's nothing to be afraid of. They can absolutely trust on the security and privacy of their Google and Apple devices," Hulio said.