August 6th, 2021

belgium fries

Sound of Noise (Simonsson, Nilsson, 2010)

Рекомендовала babulka, которая рекомендует редко, но метко. Например, в прошлый раз это был учебник Алекса Кузнецова "The Complete Guide to Capital Markets for Quantitative Professionals", абсолютный must read. piggymouse не даст соврать. Тo же самое и здесь!
Pegomastax africanus

Сила печатного слова

Был настроен к City Winery относительно миролюбиво (по сравнению с читателями этого журнала), но, пока ждал в ресторане еду, случайно прочёл NYT:

Ezra Klein@NYT -- Uncertainty is a good reason for caution. I began the week upset about the return of mask mandates and depressed about the possibility that the vaccines were beginning to fail. Now I’m convinced that the revived mask mandates make sense, cheered by how well the vaccines have performed and worried about whether they’ll continue to hold up.

И потребовал деньги назад.
belgium fries

Система сдержек и противовесов

Как обычно, законченного мерзавца, на котором негде поставить клейма, пытаются посадить в тюрьму за единственный в жизни случай осмысленного поведения:

NYPost: Gov. Cuomo accuser files criminal complaint with Albany Sheriff’s Office. The accuser told the Times Union that the incident took place around Nov. 16 when she had gone to the mansion to help the governor send a text message from his phone to Stephanie Benton, the director of the governor’s office.

Если бы я был присяжным, пришлось бы голосовать за "невиновен".
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

Бедняга, небось две ночи в очередях провёл

foxnews -- The 67-year-old man first went to the emergency room on June 18, 2020, with symptoms of dehydration, nausea and weakness, according to the case report, which was published Thursday (Aug. 5) in the CDC journal Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Doctors treated him with IV fluids and released him shortly thereafter. But he came back the next day with three painful red bumps on his leg that he thought were bug bites. This time, doctors suspected he had cellulitis, a skin infection caused by bacteria. He was given prescriptions for two antibiotics and again released from the hospital.
Кто подумал, что коронавирусная инфекция нового типа - неправильно диагностировали. Чума.
Mr. Twister

Странное обращение в суд -- A group of Indiana University students filed an appeal Friday with the Supreme Court challenging the school's coronavirus vaccine mandate.
“All students are adults, are entitled to make their own medical treatment decisions, and have a constitutional right to bodily integrity, autonomy, and of medical treatment choice in the context of a vaccination mandate,” the students said, according to USA Today. “IU, however, is treating its students as children who cannot be trusted to make mature decisions.”
У кого-нибудь есть хорошие аргументы, почему судиться имеет смысл? По-моему, тут ничего не поделаешь: это их университет, соответственно, кого хотят, того и учат.