August 10th, 2021

Mr. Twister

Простыми экономическими словами

The -- Ultimately, we cannot outsource or delegate responsibility for our individual health to doctors, politicians, or medical officials. We cannot live without risk, and we certainly cannot force others to accept vaccinations or inhibit their natural exhalations with masks. Time and time again, politicians mislead us, creating alarmism to justify their own desire for political power and control. America can survive a virus, but we cannot survive lawless government which assumes new powers whenever a novel virus appears.
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix

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USA Today: The unborn, the elderly and women - depend on the powerful to use their strength to protect.

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оскорбительно для нерождённых людей
оскорбительно для лиц пожилого возраста
оскорбительно для женщин
не оскорбительно
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Charles Cornell
1 day ago
I haven't talked about this much yet, but I am now officially a Kawai Sponsored Artist!! They sent me the keyboard you see in most of my videos as well as this absolutely gorgeous Kawai GX-2 grand!! I'm incredibly lucky to have this opportunity and it's all thanks to you guys. MUCH more to come from the piano room!