September 11th, 2021

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Считаю, что для красоты уволившееся руководство FDA должно начать давать свидетельские показания на судах против декрета Байдена. Как их принуждали одобрить фуфло и всë такое.
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Помните тему: вокизм безвреден, потому что он в Америке уже был? CNN продолжает клеветать и очернять:
CNN -- We are precisely 20 years out from the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, after which Americans gave up a lot of individual liberties in the name of safety. Air travel, especially, was changed forever and the government began moving toward a much more expansive use of surveillance. Now we're in a place where people are completely fine taking off their shoes and belts in public before they can board domestic flights because of a foiled long-ago plot. [...] President Franklin D. Roosevelt rounded up and detained Japanese Americans during World War II. President Abraham Lincoln suspended habeus corpus during the Civil War. President Andrew Jackson forced Native Americans from their homes and marched many to their deaths. All of these were ultimately rejected by courts, but not in time to reinstate rights, restore property or give back lands. [...] Twenty years from now, when Covid, hopefully, is something we've defeated, I wonder if people will be talking about how the pandemic changed their lives and if the idea of Covid-19 vaccines will be at all controversial.
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Кстати -- The announced policies—including mandated vaccines for private employers of a certain size, mandated vaccines for all healthcare workers, and mandated vaccines for federal employees—are wildly extraconstitutional and far beyond any executive power imagined in the Constitution. Of course, the same is true for OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), which (since its magical creation in 1971) laughably claims jurisdiction over working conditions across millions of private US businesses operating on private property. OSHA is the bludgeon Mr. Biden intends to use against business owners to dictate their arrangements with employees by requiring covid vaccines.
Legality aside, Biden's proposals are deeply immoral and unnecessary. Covid risks do not justify the hysteria emboldened by the president's announcement. After 2020 we know definitively that elderly and obese individuals are at greatest risk of death from covid, while younger and healthier people face no more (and often less) risk than with an ordinary flu. Yet not only does Biden threaten to repeat the mistakes of 2020, he intends to intensify them.
Доктор Леана Вен упоминается в таком важном тексте по имени -- я думаю, это большой успех. tandem_bike знала, кого переводить на русский язык и косплеить.
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix


Пока не видел ни одной записи или комментария, где масочники объясняли бы, что Байден со своим декретом молодец. Почему? Потому что откровенно ссут. Это очень хорошо. Может, у Молдбага, но я не знаю, где искать.
Leif Gram: Mr. Fix


Помните, вчерашний немой фильм внутри фильма Иоселиани, что я постил, там используется такая ангельская мелодия, явно очень французская ( Так мой папа сразу сказал, что это, как будто Адам Нили. Оказывается, композиция "Возможно" А.И.Островского.

Кстати, этот же Островский написал вокализ Трололо и колыбельную Спят Усталые Игрушки.