September 19th, 2021

Mr. Twister

Героизм -- A Texas doctor stepped forward Saturday to say he had performed an abortion that is illegal under the state's restrictive new law to force a test of its legality.

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Как обычно

Не разбираюсь в сортах говна, но клевещут, что это советский и российский многоцелевой всепогодный сверхзвуковой тяжёлый истребитель четвёртого поколения Су-27 , разработанный в ОКБ Сухого и предназначенный для завоевания превосходства в воздухе.
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Musical components important for the Mozart K448 effect in epilepsy
Abstract. There is growing evidence for the efficacy of music, specifically Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major (K448), at reducing ictal and interictal epileptiform activity. Nonetheless, little is known about the mechanism underlying this beneficial “Mozart K448 effect” for persons with epilepsy. Here, we measured the influence that K448 had on intracranial interictal epileptiform discharges (IEDs) in sixteen subjects undergoing intracranial monitoring for refractory focal epilepsy. We found reduced IEDs during the original version of K448 after at least 30-s of exposure.