September 23rd, 2021

Mr. Twister

Вот лучшие американские новости за два года эпидемии

Charter school enrollment rose over 7 percent since 2019, signaling an exodus from public schools amid restrictive coronavirus rules.
В частности, minority families constituted a sizable part of that exodus in some states, Wednesday's study found. In California, 14,717 black students and 70,287 Latino students left public schools.

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Mr. Twister

Вот это даже трудно вообразить

Chicago-area hospitals, officials urging parents to avoid ER if illness is non-life threatening
A number of the city and state’s top doctors say they’re seeing a significant increase in ER visits and in cases that are considered non-life-threatening are up by 90 percent.

В 2019 году очереди в неотложке были по десять часов. Сейчас, значит, девятнадцать?

Doctors attribute an increase in childhood ER visits to a surge in RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus), a common childhood virus that typically peaks in the winter. RSV and COVID-19 share symptoms like fever, cough and runny nose. However, symptoms exclusive to Covid include body aches, headaches, loss of taste or smell and an upset stomach. Top health officials say a trip to the ER may not be necessary if your child is experiencing some of these symptoms.

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