November 5th, 2021

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Новости физры

A high school principal is apologizing for lack of sportsmanship after the football team won a game 106-0
"Our administration and coaching staff believe that athletics should be a source of pride for our community. While Friday's game did not reflect our best judgement as administrators, the Morningside High School and Inglewood High school football players, and their coaches have worked hard all season and deserve our respect," Tate said.
"We will conduct a full investigation and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that a similar outcome never happens again under an IUSD athletic program," county administrator, Erika Torres, said in a statement.
Fallout from the game blew up on social media where Dick Vitale agreed with Collins.
"How can the Coaching staff of INGLEWOOD HS California feel good about themselves?" the legendary sports announcer said on Twitter.
"SICKENING & a DISGRACE to the Title of COACH! Congrats on teaching good sportsmanship. U SHOULD BE FIRED!"

Кто-нибудь в курсе, почему в американском футболе позорно выигрывать со счетом 106-0, и что в таких случаях надо делать? Сдаваться? Поддаваться?
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Новости фуфловедения

Study shows dramatic decline in effectiveness of all three COVID-19 vaccines over time.
The findings were published Thursday in the journal Science.
Strong evidence of the vaccines' declining power should prompt even states and locales with highly vaccinated populations to consider retaining mask mandates, the authors said. Какие зайки! Жаль, что на науку выделяется так мало денег.
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Не только Израиль!

Dalrymple@taikmag -- The British government has managed to spend approximately $50 billion on a system for testing and tracing cases of COVID-19. So far, the average citizen has been tested five times. Yet mysteriously, the British mortality rate is either above, or very similar to, that of countries that have tested and traced much less often. A parliamentary commission reported that there was no evidence that the whole system had had any beneficial effect whatever.
Mr. Twister


Председатель профсоюза чикагских полицейских объясняет коллегам, как правильно не вакцинироваться (точнее, как не загружать свой вакцинацинационный статус на городской портал). Сраный гугл ссыт забанить его в ютубе. Это очень хороший признак.

belgium fries


А почему никто не комментирует чикагского профсоюзника-полицейского, антиваксера? По-моему, он офигенный. Получилась ненамеренная пародия на то, как в Америке хитрых людей учат разговаривать с полицейскими.