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Фиделити, геноцид и corporate social responsibility

AW -- The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Eastern Region joined with Investors Against Genocide (IAG) this month in urging mutual fund giant Fidelity Investments to avoid investments in companies with ties to genocidal regimes worldwide.

“Fidelity continues to own large positions in PetroChina, a company widely recognized as the largest business partner of the government of Sudan, which is currently bombing, starving, and displacing massive numbers of its own civilians in several regions,” said Eric Cohen, the chairperson of Investors Against Genocide.

Fidelity’s website claims, “We are sensitive to the ongoing tragedy occurring in Darfur and, like most others in the world, we are repulsed by genocide and all other crimes against humanity. … That said, we have concluded that when it is appropriate to remain actively invested in a company, we will do so, thus retaining the ability to oppose company practices that we do not condone.”

А как поступили бы вы?

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