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Мне определенно начинает нравиться футбол!!!

(1) The Shakhter Karagandy manager Viktor Kumykov expects the Kazakh club's sheep-sacrificing ritual to continue before their Champions League play-off second-leg tie against Celtic at Parkhead.
(2) PETA urges UEFA to ban animal slaughter in European football.
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  • Явление

    Это композиция из японской игры, которая использует идиомы, стандартные для дебильных советских песен про гражданскую войну:

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    CNN Business - Markets Now: "Peak oil is coming. That won't save the world" Парадокс!

  • Жуткое дело

    CNN -- Up to half of Chicago's rank-and-file police officers could be placed on unpaid leave because of a dispute between their union and Mayor Lori…

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