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Переводчик-тролль на похоронах Манделы!

The sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial was accused Wednesday of being a fake who merely flapped his arms around during speeches. "He's a complete fraud," Cara Loening, director of Sign Language Education and Development in Cape Town told AFP. "He wasn't even doing anything, There was not one sign there. Nothing. He was literally flapping his arms around."

The White House meanwhile referred all questions on the matter to the South African government but said it would be regrettable if the incident overshadowed Obama's "very powerful remarks" at the memorial service.
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Не стоит путать долбоёба и тролля.
Долбоебы на фотографии представлены в количествах, разница очевидна.
Да не тролль он. Афроафриканус предприимчивус вульгарис. За денежку старался, не за идею.
И этот сюжет - тоже. ))) А еще про то, как Обама с друганами гм... делает лук. )