birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Это слишком прекрасно

Я думаю, какой-нибудь толстый волосатый анархист выдумал и запостил для лулзов. Критика сюжета книг про Гарри Поттера:
8. Wizarding school sucks
Sure, they have magical powers, but other than that wizards are not highly functional people. How do I know this? Because their schools suck.
You learn very few practical skills. Defense against the dark arts — that’s useful. You know what else is useful? Reading. Math. Foreign languages. How do wizards write newspaper articles or communicate with their foreign friends visiting for the Quidditch World Cup or maintain a wizard economy? Does Hogwarts even have a sex ed class?
What’s worse, school ends at age 17. That’s it. After that you are an adult in the world who can choose from a handful of professions: you can teach, work for the government, own a shop, play Quidditch, train dragons, work for the paper and…yep, that’s pretty much it.

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