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Что вас больше всего поразило в Америке

Добровольные коммунальные квартиры -- еще куда ни шло, но вот этo вообще из каких-то романов Горенштейна про койко-места и 1952 год:
At the moment, single rooms are still the exception. But if the trend takes off, and future generations of American college students come to expect their own room, the four-year residential college experience might look quite different. What are the long-term consequences of getting rid of the college roommate? As annoying as roommates can be, don't they offer valuable lessons?

Many student development experts find the super singles trend worrisome. “Learning to interact effectively with others is a central element of success in adult life in both work and personal contexts,” says Marcia Baxter Magolda, a professor at Miami University in Ohio who conducted a 27-year longitudinal study on young adult development. Establishing an “inner voice,” she says, is necessary to function effectively in today’s complex world, where one must think critically, evaluate multiple perspectives, make ethical decisions, and balance one’s own needs with those of others. But such growth isn’t automatic; it requires interaction. “Having a roommate in a residence hall system, where the staff members assist students in navigating the complexity of relationships, would contribute to such growth.”
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