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Темирканов про Чикаго

Three Temirkanov recordings might have prepared us. The first, a concert performance from 1977, has all the traditional cuts that dismayed the composer and disfigured the composition. The second and third, done in the studio in 1978 and 1994, present the work complete and were among accounts that established it a masterpiece.

On Sunday Temirakanov unexpectedly reverted to the cuts that shorten the almost hour-long symphony by 15 minutes. So I asked why. And through an interpreter he explained that recordings are documents demanding completeness whereas concerts should take into account the attention span of their audience.
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Ну, в общем, прав старик. Рахманиновские симфонии - та еще пытка
Я думаю, 15 минут погоды не делают, когда уже полдня вылетело.
По-хорошему, конечно, нужно играть по паре тактов из каждой части, а потом говорить: "Ну, и так далее..."