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Зубин Мета о скрипачах

Chicago Classical Review -- “When I first took over the [Isarel Philharmonic] orchestra, almost half the orchestra were from the Austro-Hungarian empire,” he said. “Then came the influx of the ex-Soviet Union musicians who immigrated here. So today we have a mixture of ex-Soviet Union and those born in Israel, and we have a few Americans too. The Russians brought in their incredible virtuosity in string playing, which of course was a great advantage to the orchestral playing standard.”
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ВЕРНО ГОВОРИТ. Забавнее в московских оркестрах, получающих президентские гранты. У нас вот в "Новой России" нет только этнических прибалтов и таджиков и киргизов. Армян, кстати, из нац.меньшинств больше всех. После евреев, разумеется.