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Одна малина! -- Yuri Temirkanov and the Saint Peterburg Philharmonic ran into politically aware/(over)active San Franciscans twice Monday night during their appearance at Davies Symphony Hall. They handled it with good humor. First, there was a demonstration outside the hall against "Putin-friend Temirkanov" (apparently confusing him with Valery Gergiev).

Во-вторых, издание приводит замечательный критерий допустимости политического спама в филармонии: after Temirkanov took his initial bow and lifted the baton to start the concert, a masked woman stood up in the terrace, right over the orchestra, unfurled a rainbow flag, and shouted something undecipherable ("Respect gay rights!" or "Stay out of Ukraine!" or both?). The timing was exquisite, right on cue, not interfering with the music, and the demonstrator left readily without causing any trouble.

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