birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Этот вопрос мне тоже приходил в голову

GEORG MERTENS -- About 15 years ago a student of mine, a teacher of physics, asked me: "If you hold the bow like me, it still sounds like you; if I hold the bow exactly like you, it still sounds like me. I like your sound. I went into so much trouble to hold the bow like you, but it basically didn't change a thing. You must do other things different than me, things you haven't told me."

About 20 years before I read about the great cellist Gregory Piatigorsky's accident: he had broken his thumb and had to play the Dvorak cello concerto on the same night; he had no time to go to hospital. He played with the bow in his fist and - nobody noticed! He was praised for his good sound.

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