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Совпадение! -- The eighth grader told his mother months ago that several kids at the west campus of the school targeted him at lunch and in Spanish class, showing him pictures of ovens and telling him to get in, said his mother’s friend and fellow Ogden parent Jory Strosberg. The child and his mother are Jewish, she said, adding that he was very upset about the bullying. His grade has been studying the Holocaust this year, according to CPS.

  • Сегодня я узнал

    от младшенького: "How insensitive" Жобима имеет отношение к прелюдии ми минор Шопена.

  • Кстати

    В детстве очень любил самовары, бонги, аппараты Киппа и кофейники Биалетти.

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    Human-readable, если читать в шестнадцатеричном редакторе.

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