Mr. Twister

Жестко. Но правдиво.

John J. Mearsheimer -- Even if one [...] believes that Ukraine has the right to petition to join the EU and NATO, the fact remains that the United States and its European allies have the right to reject these requests. There is no reason that the West has to accommodate Ukraine if it is bent on pursuing a wrong-headed foreign policy, especially if its defense is not a vital interest. Indulging the dreams of some Ukrainians is not worth the animosity and strife it will cause, especially for the Ukrainian people.
(рекомендовал gaus)
Мне кажется бессодержательным занятием поиск в тексте предложений, которые могут быть прочитаны неправильно, и полемика с этим неправильным прочтением.