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Джек Райли, начальник чикагского представительства DEA, переводится с повышением в вашингтонский офис. Он займет третью по старшинству позицию в организации.

NBC Chicago рассказывает про достижения, приведшие к взлету его карьеры. In an interview at his office Tuesday, Riley said the two biggest changes in the trafficking landscape since he came to Chicago in 2010 have been the entrenchment of Mexico's cartels in the Midwest and the resurgence of heroin, including in suburban neighborhoods. Heroin has become more popular, in part, because it's now available in easier-to-use powder form and can be snorted rather than having to be injected with needles, he explained. "People who never would have done heroin are doing it today," Riley said. In recent years, Riley highlighted how Mexican cartel operatives had pushed deep inside the U.S., including Chicago, which has become a hub through which the syndicates distribute drugs farther afield.
Пожелаем мистеру Райли дальнейших свершений на новом месте работы.

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