birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Самопродажа в рабство

Самая сложная тема для понимания оказалась, кто во что горазд. Вот даже пытаются запрещать:
([про Киру Казанцева]) -- The National PanHellenic Conference (NPC), the governing body for international women’s sororities, insisted that hazing is strongly condemned and encourages “disciplinary measures” in accordance with their own fair play procedures as well as state and federal laws to be implemented when necessary. Hazing is indeed illegal in 44 states. (Alaska, Montana, Hawaii, New Mexico, South Dakota, Wyoming are without such legislation). Most universities strictly prohibit it, however problems are arising in off-campus sororities which are not subject to the school’s rules.
(NB: аборигенов хлебом не корми, дай собраться в коммуналку и организовать дедовщину)
Tags: рабство
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