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Копирую целиком.
Lawrence police find puppy in pocket of drug suspect.
When Lawrence police were searching a man this week for drugs, they found an unexpected surprise in his pocket — a tiny pit bull puppy.
The puppy, which was about 3 weeks old and weighed less than 3 pounds, was malnourished and dehydrated when it was found Monday, said Dr. Jamie Resnick, an emergency doctor at BluePearl, an animal hospital in Waltham that helped to nurse the dog back to health.
Police turned the puppy, now dubbed Pocket for the circumstances in which it was found, over to animal control officers who then gave it to PittieLove Rescue, an animal rescue service, according to a police report filed in the case.
While Pocket was in the care of a PittieLove Rescue foster family, the dog suffered severe vomiting and diarrhea, so it was transferred to the BluePearl animal hospital for more intensive care, Resnick said.
Resnick said Pocket is now on the mend, despite the grim prognosis the dog was given when first admitted.
“She’s been eating ravenously today,” Resnick said, who added that the dog would be released back to its foster family Friday, and put up for adoption once it is old and healthy enough.
“If she makes it through these initial problems, she should hopefully go on to lead a good life,” Resnick said. “It just seems like she was dealt a bad hand in the first part of her life.”
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