Dore: Ogre

Составьте рассказ, используя слова "картошка", "фудстампы", "для женщин", "США", "здравоохранение" -- For the first time, low-income women would be able to pay for white potatoes with government-subsidized vouchers issued by the Women, Infants and Children nutrition program, known as WIC. White potatoes have been excluded from WIC since fruits and vegetables were first allowed under the program in 2009. It’s not that white potatoes themselves aren’t nutritious, but they’re often used to make french fries, which are usually fried or baked in unhealthy fats and oils. The Institute of Medicine had recommended that they be excluded, saying WIC recipients already eat enough white potatoes. Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican from the potato-growing state of Maine, has long promoted the nutritional attributes of potatoes, including potassium.
Нужно влючить слово "белая", неоднократно повторяющееся в тексте - очевидно ключевое! Слово "жир" тоже не помешает. "картошка", "фудстампы", "белая", "женщина", "жир", "США", "здравоохранение".
Надо выращивать африканскую картошку, Solanum tuberosum nigra.
В принципе, WIC - не фудстемпы, по крайней мере 16 лет назад это был отдельный источник помощи. У нас тут аспиранты с детьми ими подкармливались.
Теперь будете знать, почему не было: чтоб не пожарили.