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A380 не выстрелил

With not a single order placed by an airline for the Airbus A380 so far in 2014, Airbus Chief Financial Officer, Harald Wilhelm, has told investors in London that the plane maker will need to make big changes if the jumbo is to continue production beyond 2018. The production schedule of the Airbus A380 is near capacity for 2015, 2016 and 2017, and the company is expected to break even financially on the plane in those years.

The break-even for the A380 was initially supposed to be reached by selling 270 units, but due to the delays and the falling exchange rate of the US dollar, it increased to 420 units. In 2010, EADS CFO Hans Peter Ring said that break-even (on the aircraft that are delivered) could be achieved by 2015, despite the delays; there should be around 200 deliveries by that time, on current projections. In 2012, Airbus clarified that in 2015, production costs to build the aircraft would be less than the sales price. As of March 2010 the average list price of an A380 was US$375.3 million (about €261 million or £229 million), depending on equipment installed. As of July 2012 this list price was US$390 million, but negotiated discounts made the actual prices much lower, and industry experts questioned whether the A380 project would ever pay for itself.
Кто знает, подешевевшее топливо может поможет ...
Или фрахтовать их для перевозки рублевой наличности.
Хм, я всегда понимал, что break-even это когда суммарные доходы минус расходы равны инвестициям (по компании/проекту), а не когда продажная стоимость штуки товара становится выше затрат на производство (до break-even'а в моём понимании может быть ещё очень далеко)