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Я бы хотел пожать руку архитектору этого компьютера

TOYOTA REMOTE Programming instructions:

How to program or initialize the Toyota remote keyless entry system step by step instructions:

1 Get in the car leave the drivers door open and unlocked make sure no key in ignition.
2 Put the key in the ignition and take it out twice within 5 sec.
3 Open and close the drivers door twice ( leave it open )
4 Put the key in ignition once and pull it out.
5 Close and open drivers door twice. ( leave the door opened )
6 Put the key in ignition and leave it their and close the drivers door.
7 To program the key turn ignition on 2 times and take the key out.
8 The car will lock and unlock twice now the remote keyless entry system is ready for programing.
9 Push the lock and unlock buttons on the remote together for 2 sec and than push lock once.
10 The car will lock and unlock to confirm registration.
11 Open the drivers door and close it.
12 Test how your key less entry works.

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