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Доверяют ли американцы полиции?

В Аризоне ввели обязательный ЕГЭ по обществоведению. Будут спрашивать, где находится Статуя Свободы и кто такая Сузан Би Энтони.
Совсем другая Сюзан, Дови, написала в связи с этим прямо в Вашингтонском Посте, что из идеи может выйти толк, если спрашивать не эту чухню, а следующее:

True or False:
  • If the police knock and ask to enter your home, you don’t have to admit them unless they have a warrant signed by a judge. (True)
  • If the police come to your home and ask you to step out and you do, they no longer need a warrant for your arrest. (True)
  • If you are arrested outside and you accept any offers to let you go inside — to get dressed, for instance — the police can escort you inside and then search the rooms you enter without a warrant. (True)
  • The police are not allowed to lie to you. (False)
  • The right to videotape the police depends on the state you live in. Twelve states have adopted “eavesdropping” laws that prohibit videotaping police without the officer’s consent. (True)
  • The police are allowed to delete photographs or videos on your phone under any circumstances. (False)

    Multiple choice:
  • If you feel that your rights have been violated by the police, to whom could you file a written complaint?

    Police department’ internal affairs division
    Civil complaint board
    All of the above
    (All of the above)

    Надо подписаться на Вашингтонский Пост.
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