birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Конвергенция до полной неразличимости

Воображаемая биография мальчика Логана, в порядке мысленного эксперимента:
Age 11: Logan feels some pressure to conform. He wants to dress like the other boys in clothes that you and his father feel are a bit too clingy and revealing. He notices how hot and sexy all of the boys are on television and in the movies, and he wants to be hot and sexy too, so he rolls up the bottoms of his turquoise shorts to make them shorter, hoping not to receive a dress code violation.
Age 21: Logan is now an adult in his final year of college, and beginning to interview for jobs after graduation. He always dresses well for his interviews, wearing a slimming outfit that makes him look both professional and attractive. As he navigates the city streets that he hopes will connect him to a future full of happiness and success, he passes by billboards and bus ads of men in G-strings with flawless, Photoshopped bodies.
и проч. и проч. Всего этого ни в коем случае нельзя допустить.
Кто сочинил эту сатиристическую антиутопию? Какой-нибудь путинский митрополит? Нет, американская феминистка, психолог, консультант и тренер по вопросам родительства:

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