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Русское, загадочное

Из поясняющей сноски в английской флейтовой хрестоматии:
Jerome Kern was one of the leading composers for the American musical theatre in the first half of the 20th century: his Show Boat (1927) ranks among the classic musicals. One of his best known songs is 'Smoke Gets in Your Eyes', written with the lyricist Otto Harbach for a 1933 operetta, or light opera, called Roberta. Although it was written as a lively tap-dance number, in the show it became a romantic ballad. The title is explained by the lines - inspired by a Russian proverb - which are sung to bars 12 (third beat) to 16:
    When your heart's on fire
    You must realize
    Smoke gets in your eyes.
With its rich harmonies and surprising key-change for the 'bridge' (bar 17 and bar 33), the song is often used as the basis for jazz improvisation. A sense of improvisation is captured in this arrangement by the trombonist John Iveson (born 1944), from his collection of arrangements of well-known jazz songs Let's Face the Music (published by Brass Wind).

С какой русской пословицей у вас ассоциируется песня Smoke Gets In Your Eyes? У меня, например, "кончил дело - гуляй смело".

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