Mr. Twister

Не только климатология! Не только Пол Маккартни!

On June 30, 1908, an object believed by many to be a stony asteroid with a diameter roughly the width of a football field exploded high in the sky near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Siberia, after blazing a fiery path through Earth's atmosphere. The explosion's power was roughly equivalent to that of a 3-5 megaton nuclear bomb. This event devastated about 800 square miles of largely uninhabited forest.

Tomorrow, organizers around the world will commemorate the 107th anniversary of that event by holding the first Asteroid Day.

In addition to asteroids, the event will focus on other threats to Earth, such as comets and large meteors.

"We are trying to ramp up the rate of detection by 100 times," explained Brian May, an astrophysics Ph.D. and the lead guitarist of the British rock band Queen, in a statement about the declaration. "Signing the 100X Declaration is a way for the public to contribute to bringing about an awareness that we can protect humanity now and for future generations."
Тут, однако, есть существенная разница. Настоящий газетный климатолог должен успокоить читателя, что мы все равно погибнем, но только после долгой и благородной борьбы. Что unbelievable, mind-boggling заключение, что человечество может спастись, неблагочестиво и должно быть заклеймлено.
Астрономы пока экспирементируют с форматом. Даже еще не начали спасать от взрывов сверхновых.