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“I will never be able to get those years of my childhood back,” one girl, identified as O.C., said to a federal judge on Thursday, holding back sobs as she described herself becoming depressed, self-hating and suicidal. “I used to be an outgoing kid who wasn’t afraid to talk to people and make new friends.”

In her statement, her mother, Sherri Eccleston, said, “As a mother, when you send your child to school, you believe there are other caring adults who will protect them and that your child will return safe and sound.” But they were not protected, she said.

She eventually pulled her daughter out of school and has been home schooling her ever since.

Welling up with emotion, the father of O.C., David Cohen, described how it was his older son who first experienced bullying on a daily basis[...] He told him to report it to the school authorities, but the son told him, “What’s the point,” and eventually stopped confiding in him about episodes, fearing the abuse would get worse.

“No parent should have to experience abuse of their kid and then seeing them abused again by an indifferent educational system,” Mr. Cohen said.

Если кто до сих пор не догадался, это про антисемитизм.

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