birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Налетай, подешевело Missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 was 'hijacked by Russians', claims aviation expert. Mr Wise said: "There were three ethnically Russian men aboard MH370."

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    Всем детской порнографии в ленту! Florida State Attorney's Office: 'No evidence' of crime in child school spanking video. Само видео там же по…

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    Elizabeth Bartholet (Morris Wasserstein Professor of Law at Harvard Law School) внезапно навалила на хоумскульный вентилятор огромную кучу…

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    David Cole@takimag The “Science” of Caging a Compliant Majority Тhe BCH doctors decided that Justina wasn’t sick at all! According to them, her…

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