Leif Gram: Mr. Fix


Frustrated, he went to [...] — one of only a few countries with a national medical cannabis research programme. Shackelford was attracted by the country's 50-year history of study into potential uses for the drug, as well as a supportive regulatory atmosphere that is not found anywhere else. “The attitude towards research here has always been different and not coloured by prejudice or propaganda,” Shackelford says. Reputable researchers who want to study cannabis are not simply dismissed, he says, “which is often the case in other countries, including, notoriously, the US”.
В нашем штате вообще цирк. Предлагают (1)разрешить марихуану, но (2) отдать ее вырашивание (частной) монополии и (3)записать эту монополию на выращивание в конституцию(!) штата.

Теперь даже и не знаю, как голосовать за это предложение на референдуме.

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