birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Кстати, this

The Week: "Putin isn't humiliating Obama in Syria. He's doing the U.S. a favor"
Не могу не процитировать: "Boot concluded that we're in the midst of "the most confused or dispiriting moment in American foreign policy since the 1970s." To which Kristol responded by proclaiming in a tweet of his own that it's "actually worse than the '70s." Worse than the '70s? For the neocons, that's as bad as it gets."

Zero hedge: "Obama Weighs "Syria Retreat" As White House Ends Training Of Moderate Rebels"

Путин с Лавровым спокойно могли бы всё это говорить от своего имени (но строго без малейшей отсебятины) и выигрывать идеологические битвы всухую. Но, видимо, тогда бы это не были Путин с Лавровым.
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