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Фил Джи!

All of the Democrats agreed that Americans should be compensated for the burden of parenthood, e.g., with “family and parental leave to all of our families.” (Sanders; see also this posting on who should pay for said leave) And given the array of subsidies for parents already in place it seems that there is political consensus around the idea of paying Americans to reproduce. My question for today is when and why this became necessary.

  • Из вконтактика

    Лариса Прокофьева. "Среда обитания", 2021

  • Эвакуируйте детей!

    Do not fill plastic bags with gasoline.— US Consumer Product Safety Commission (@USCPSC) May 12, 2021

  • Из мокума

    "Министр обороны Сергей Шойгу призвал не пускать на службу в армию людей, употреблявших наркотики." Тут-то мне карта и попёрла!

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