birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Угадай страну!

What happened to us, as I found out is not uncommon in this country. At six o’clock in the morning on that day the police barged into our home, woke our children and proceeded to tear our home apart. With little explanation and a presumption of guilt they meticulously went through our home in search of illicit drugs. They flashed a warrant which gave them the legal right to do so, however were not particularly interested in respecting our property or us for that matter as they executed their duty.

During the search they sequestered me and my fourteen year old daughter, strip searched me when I had asked if I could put on some pants and proceeded to ask where our stash was. We were accused of growing a forest of marijuana and distributing it to kids in [...], the city in which we have lived for the past 9 plus years. One look at our large garden and it should have been obvious right then and there that there was no growing operation, however this did not deter them. Assuming harvest season was over they poked their noses into every corner of our home, every box, every cabinet without care for the valuables which we cherished.

Tags: преступление

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