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Республиканская партия ОК

Сенатор Круз, надежда американского консерватизма, рассылал бумажный спам, оформленный в виде штрафа за неявку на выборы:

The mailer gave the recipient, along with their neighbors, poor grades based on their individual voting history. On one side, the mailer reads: "ELECTION ALERT: VOTER VIOLATION," "PUBLIC RECORD" and "FURTHER ACTION NEEDED."
The other side of the mailer says "VOTING VIOLATION" in red letters at the top before text that reads:
"You are receiving this election notice because of low expected voter turnout in your area. Your individual voting history as well as your neighbors' are public record. Their scores are published below, and many of them will see your score as well. CAUCUS ON MONDAY TO IMPROVE YOUR SCORE and please encourage your neighbors to caucus as well. A follow-up notice may be issued following Monday's caucuses."

Cruz was defiant to reporters when asked about the mailer in Sioux City, Iowa, on Saturday night.
"I will apologize to no one for using every tool we can to encourage Iowa voters to come out and vote," he said.

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