birdwatcher (birdwatcher) wrote,

Фил Джи тоже за Сандерса

Personally I would prefer for the U.S. to have a market economy along the lines of a Singapore or Hong Kong. Government would consume less than 20 percent of GDP and provide high-quality basic services. This, however, is not what a majority of Americans want. Nor is it what Republicans are actually promising (and in any case, I don’t think that Republicans have any chance to win a national election). [...] If the U.S. cannot have a market economy, what choices do we have? Broadly I think the remaining options are Socialism and Crony Capitalism. [...] In summary, given that Republicans are so far out of step with the American majority that they can’t win a national election, and that the only other Democrat candidate is a torch-bearer for Crony Capitalism, I have concluded that President Sanders is our best realistic hope in November.

Это уже смахивает на всенародную поддержку. Разумеется, у демократов не хватит ума номинировать Сандерса, иначе они не были бы демократами.
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