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Подробности про Apple

Slate: And now, some hole-in-the-wall private hacking firm has done the undoable—hacked its way in. Apple may have dodged a costly court battle, but its brand has been bruised. (Some reports have identified the hacker of Farook’s iPhone as Cellebrite, a firm made up of several ex-officers in Unit 8200, the Israeli military’s cyberwarfare organization. The company has, in any case, advertised its ability to break Apple’s latest codes.)

Apple is one of the few Silicon Valley behemoths that don’t pay bounties to hackers. This may be why the small firm—whether it was Cellebrite or something like it—went to the FBI instead of Apple.

Tim Cook will no doubt demand that the FBI reveal how the firm got in so that his engineers can patch the hole (да? Ждем-с). The government’s legal obligations here are unclear.
в сегодняшнем подкасте security now прозвучала интересная инфа что (судя по всему) фбр просто скопировала содержание телефона, осталось только его расшифровать (что, собственно, и составляло проблему с самого начала)

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